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Do you like mystery?
Do you like comedy?
Do you like action and adventure?
What about romance?
The supernatural?
Adventures of alien species on quests?

Well if you're into any of those things, then I have just the book for you! It has the above mention topics, as well as a deep and flowing story line, that follows the lives of two brothers from birth until the apex of their adventures in this exciting, broad minded, adventure series that dares to ask the questions:

What will we do to protect the ones we love?
Where is the line between what we think is our limit to greatness and the great infinite of possibility?
Where is the line between organic and technological balance, and technological over dependence?

This promises to be a series even the grandparents can enjoy! Please take some time to check out our fan page on Facebook, as well as read the provided sampling of what our first book, "Dorikame Saga: Birth of Change" has to offer, and if you like what you read, then please feel free to purchase it hereso that we may continue to deliver what you could very well say is the most addicting series to date!